Co121D Double Pass Thru Box

Package & Document Pass Thru Box, steel structure and interlocking door system

Double Pass Thru Box with armored steel structure (5 mm thickness) and interlocking doors system is designed for mortise installation. Two passage ways:

  • Lower side: Package/Suitcase Pass Thru Box (with Contro Unit for interlocking system management)
  • Upper side: Bulletproof Glass structure with Document Pass Thru Drawer integrated

The ideal solution for a secure transfer of items, suitcases, documents or money thru the wall or armored structures.

The easier and faster way to exchange items in safety. This special Double Pass Thru Box is equipped with:

  1. Steel structure (5 mm thickness)
  2. Package Pass Thru Box (with Control Unit; interlocking door system; bulletproof glass BR/3S and P6B; two electric locks Co102; Command Panel with intercom; Traffic light Panel with intercom; back-up battery)
  3. Bulletproof Glass Structure (bulletproof glass BR4/S and P8B + Document Pass Thru Drawer integrated)
  4. Special doors protection: additional anti-drilling manganese steel profiles (optional)
  5. Special structure protection: ballistic proof FB3 grade steel profiles on the external side (optional)

The interlocking system prevents both doors from opening simultaneously. Armored structure, door closing system and document pass thru drawer make this pass thru box a very high security solution.

Standard dimensions: W 679 x D 610 x H 1880 mm
(H base: 400mm, H box: 600mm, H glass structure: 720mm)

Options and accessories

  • Weight: 1100 Kg
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc - 0,5 A
  • Finishing: RAL colors
  • On request: custom dimensions