CEIA 02PN8-HIPE/CF Metal Detector

Professional device for metal detection

CEIA Metal Detectors are the most used devices in the world for professional metal detection. The PN8 HIPE/CF is one of the most used on Security Cabins and Portals with interlocking doors system.

PN8 HIPE/CF is the most advanced model, last designed by CEIA, just to maximize the already good performance of PN8 HIPE model. It is equipped with best sensitivity and discrimination levels for firearms detection (discrimining personal metal objects like smartphones and keys).

  • Best discrimination of personal metal objects
  • High immunity to electrical and mechanical interference
  • High reliability and long life device

CEIA HIPE/CF is a high performance Metal Detector, its detection functions based on an innovative signal analysis system, raises the threshold of discrimination between medium-sized firearms and personal effects to a level up to 500% above that of the 02PN8 HIPE model. The advantages of using this new Metal Detector are the following:

  1. Notable reduction in the need for branch staff to act to check inward- and outwardbound traffic
  2. Increase in convenience of access to the bank for customers
  3. Opportunity to increase the level of security