Biobank Co720

Fingerprints Acquisition System and Fake Detection

Fingerprints acquisition system with fake fingerprints control. It represents a rigorous, legal and effective answer against burglary, terrorist acts or criminal actions in general.

Biobank system is usually intalled on: security booths, revolving doors, security portals (with interlocking doors system) for access control and protection, connecting it with one or two cameras.

When a customer stands in front of the interlocking security portal entrance, Biobank system automatically starts recording the transit through doors (or access rejection). When the customer is inside, he is guided by a vocal synth system, which asks to place his finger on the scanning-display. The fingerprint acquisition takes less than 1 second. Biometric data is stored as encrypted code, this to prevent improper use and tampering. Biometric data remains accessible to Police, in case of burglary actions or criminal events.


The solution is totally legal because it complies with normative imposed by the National Privacy Officer (Italian and EU regulations). Data is stored as encrypted code, this to prevent unauthorized access or tampering. Data remains accessible only to Police, in case of criminal events.

  • Encrypted transmission of personal data allows database management, downloading, printing and fingerprints export (EU normative compliant)
  • Stored fingerprints are deleted after 7 days
  • Personal data export is only allowed to Police

"ABI" GUIDE LINES COMPLIANTI (ABI: Italian Banks Association)

A) Symmetric Key encryption for fingerprints and videos B) Asymmetric Key encryption (RSA 2048 bit) of “session” keys.

  • Smart Card management for recording on RSA Keys’ encrypted chip
  • Basic Smart Card management for encrypted data access: Law 675 art.13 (D. lgs 196/2003-art 7), Recovery, Mantenance
  • AFIS format files for data communication to Scientific Police Service

Product features

The system is equipped with a data processing and storage unit integrated into the booth structure (dimensions L140xW205xH120mm). It is invisible from outside, this to prevent tampering, to facilitate the installation and to get a real stand-alone system (does not need manual actions, avoids multiple encryption-data operations by scanners and cameras). In case of criminal events, data download is fast and simple by connecting a PC to the Data Processing Unit (this operation is usually done by Police or by who is in possession of cryptographic keys).


  • High quality and reliability of data recognition/acquisition
  • Encrypted fingerprints and videos recording on different databases
  • Co720.XX.1: fingerprint-image quality 569dpi with 25 x 13,2 mm sensitive area
  • Co720.XX.2: fingerprint-image quality 500dpi with 23 x 23 mm sensitive area
  • Distinctive Biometric Parameters Control
  • Fingerprint recognition threshold: configurable
  • High recording speed (<1s)
  • High storage capacity (20.000 fingerprints)
  • Compact Central Processing Unit integrated into the cabin structure
  • 2 inputs for cameras
  • Battery powered (no needs UPS if installed into a CoMETA booth, needs UPS if installed on security booths of other brands)
  • Compliant with Metal Detector CEIA cellular free and with Interlocking doors System
  • AFIS format files output