Armored Portal Co135C

Square base mantrap, high security portal with interlocking doors

Co135C High Security Portal with interlocking doors system

Mantrap with square base, single person passage checking system and abandoned object detection. Armored Portal with interlocking doors system, designed as access control gate for safe areas: banks, financial institutes, companies, embassies, datacenters, prisons, ministeries, jewelleries. The second door opens only if control systems give positive result.

Four models (armored versions):

Co135.60: W1050 x D1050 x H2400mm | Passage: W600 x H2000mm

  • Co135.60C0 Armored door (peephole with bulletproof glass)
  • Co135.60C1 Armored door + 1 "blind" left side and right side with bulletproof glass
  • Co135.60C2 Armored door + 1 "blind" right side and left side with bulletproof glass
  • Co135.60C3 Armored door + 2 "blind" sides