Value protection Systems

Custom security products and systems

CoMETA offers professional products and systems, customizable on request according to the customer needs. The element that differentiates them from other security systems for safe areas on the market is: the centralization.

CoMETA developed software for an intelligent and integrated centralization of security systems. Finally, it is possible to control many systems by a control unit, even remotely (via PC, via Console or Tablet).

CoMETA produces a range of Value protection products, such as: Time Lock / Time Delay Security Drawers Co182.3 and Co182.2 models (the result of a long study and product modeling following specific needs of cashiers, they are particularly reliable, safe and practices to be used). CoN730 Keyboard to be applied on Safes (with a CoMETA system it can manage up to 9 different Locks). Storage Security Cabinets with various sizes, numbered compartments and key lock.