Safety Accesses for Gyms with Body Temperature Detection

Controls through automatic, fast and safe systems.

A new way of experiencing the gym is increasingly widespread: a network of centres open 24/24, 365 days a year is spreading both abroad and in Italy.

At this historic moment, it is also important to be able to guarantee safe and fast use of the gym for both customers and operating staff.

For gyms CoMETA offers different access control solutions. Automatic gates with interlocked doors, portals, of different sizes in order to meet the needs of the requesting structures.

To these it is possible to apply solutions for body temperature detection, such as the Termoscanner Bi-spectrum or Face Analyst, in order to automatically and quickly provide precise and non-contact measurement, so that the user can access the structure without the use of special personnel.

At the entrance, when the person passes through, access control systems, which may be CoMETA's or third party's, verify that only one person is passing through, equipped with a valid identification badge (or other validation system, such as a proximity bracelet, tag or biometric). In case of denied access the person is invited to leave.


  • to allow access to gyms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, guaranteeing greater security compared to traditional turnstile solutions
  • controls through automatic systems that do not require the presence of dedicated service personnel
  • security systems, in compliance with the regulations in force, which allow fast, safe, non-discretionary controls, with particular attention to the needs of customers and staff.
  • possibility of access only to people who do not exceed the permitted temperature threshold, thus preventing possible contagions.