Revolving door Co147 - double external door

Double door - Double security

High-security revolving door with 2 external entrance doors, one on the protected side and a second external door on the unprotected side, access control and unique passage control.

The double external door protects against draughts, heat and cold, a valuable system for reducing energy costs and thus maintaining the building's energy efficiency.

Portal with internal revolving turnstile, specially designed for access control, ideal for: airports, companies, data centres, congress centres, sports centres and areas of special value.

  • Demountable structure.
  • Completely self-managing,
  • Automatic detection of the person entering / passing through and manages voice commands to be communicated to the user at the various stages of passage.
  • Model with integration of access control systems such as: badge readers, RFid, NFC, fingerprint and facial image capture (mounted on the outer side or column).
  • Bullet-proof, burglar-proof glass.

Watch the video of its operation on our youtube channel:

Revolving door Co147 - double external door