Technology with automatic body temperature analysis for Access Control

The viral and bacterial infections that spread through human contact and by air represent a serious health problem, furthermore, given the containment measures issued by the Ministry of Health, all activities are required to change their safety standards and services in so as to minimize the spread of infections.

The Face Temperature Detection solution represents a very high security solution, without physical contact and extremely accurate. Ideal for any type of access to protect public health, it allows immediate screening of the temperature in subjects in transit in order to determine potential feverish states to signal and / or prevent access to them.

The system installed inside the CoMETA cabins, new or retrofitted, allows to meet the need to measure the temperature of the personnel at the entrance in order to prevent their access to the premises.

So, access is authorized only if the temperature detected falls within the previously set parameters.

Co730 Face Temperature Detection in normal operation has an autonomous operation. Its natural location works in full efficiency when it is installed inside a safety cabin (portal) and is more effective if the cabin is equipped with a single passage control system.

The system can coexist with all the other technologies already adopted in CoMETA controlled accesses such as: Biometrics, Anti-masking, Metal Detector and single passage checking system.