CoMETA 4.0 Project

Multiple data platforms integration and Process optimization

CoMETA 4.0 project co-funded by POR CREO FESR 2014-2020 Regione Toscana Action1.1.2 sub-Action A "Support to innovation processes in manufacturing and service SMEs: Aid for the acquisition of innovative services".

The Progect

Thanks to Project 4.0, CoMETA is obtaining important benefits in the development of innovative services aimed at increasing competitiveness both nationally and internationally. Moreover, the project is proving to be decisive for the technological improvement of the company.

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The main results of the project concerned:

  • Integration of multiple company IT platforms
  • Standardisation of management processes
  • Automation in the distributed management of installation and maintenance services
  • Complete historical traceability of the plants
  • Immediate and exhaustive information to customers.

The CoMETA 4.0 Project allows the company to present itself more promptly, reactively and effectively to customers, to recover efficiency and competitiveness in the control of both information and documental flows and to acquire skills and know-how within the organization.

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