Co156: armored door & emergency exit for escape routes

RC4 anti-burglary grade & Escape routes CE certification

CoMETA Co156 is the new armored door twice useful and effective: RC4 anti-burglary door according to UNI EN1627 and emergency exit CE certified for escape routes (according to EN14351-1).

A door already installed in thousands of bank sites, retail centers and corporate buildings. With steel structure, manganese anti-drill steel guards and armored glass 28/29mm thick (bulletproof BR3/S EN1063 and anti-burglary P7B EN356).

Equipped with:

  • Co306 Lock with 3 locking points and automatic relock (anti-burglary top resistance Grade 7 UNI EN12209)
  • Anti-panic exit bar (approved and certified)
  • Professional electromagnet with integrated control unit (holding force up to 650kg)
  • Emergency button
  • Traffic lights with intercom
  • Optical-acoustic panel

The best solution for top protection and physical security.