More security thanks to "Panic Rooms"

Automatic closing Locks with anti-burglary top level and "intelligent" armored rooms

The average is dramatic: more than 1 million 400.000 thefts reported every year (in Italy). If we added to these the cases of non-reported break-ins, the number would be even higher. ISTAT data refer to the decade 2006-2015, which can be verified by visiting the portal. Against the flow, armed robberies are instead diminishing (in 2015 around 35.000).

By painting an European picture of home burglaries, Italy (according to the Eurostat-Unodc ranking concerning home burglaries in Europe, published on Corriere della Sera on 2 March 2017) ranks 6th behind Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden. 14 million thefts in 10 years means more than 4100 every day, that is 170 every hour: the situation is more and more worrying.

Criminals rob during the day and at night, they can act alone or in organized gangs and accomplish the hit even in the presence of owners. Simultaneously to the increase in thefts, indeed, what mostly worries Italians is the increase of “violence” suffered during the break-ins: in 2013 there were 3.619 reported cases. In many cases criminals are facilitated by our carelessness that frustrates security measures. How can we defend ourselves?

Anti-burglary measures

It is important to organize, structure the place that we want to protect (home, office, company, warehouse) by using professional security measures. It is fundamental to anticipate them, this may mean installing cameras and/ or support alarms, but what makes a real difference is making the place safer and anti-violation. The trend of the last few years goes in one direction: more and more private citizens secure their house, company, offices or some areas of them preparing for likely attacks. We need top-quality anti-burglary locks, armored doors and, in extreme cases, the creation of the so-called “Panic Rooms”- shelter areas where family or employees hide in case of attack, robbery or armed break-in.


It is necessary to entrust professionals of design and installation of security systems, by buying solutions of highest reliability such as professional locks with the highest burglar resistance EN12209, as the ones built by CoMETA SpA.

The Co306 lock, for example, makes every type of door, window or access system “intelligent”, because it closes automatically even if you forget to “give turns of the key” and it allows to monitor all locks installed via smartphone:

  • It automatically “locks”, even in the absence of electricity;
  • It automatically “locks”, in case of absence/forgetfulness of the manual lock (it can then be opened with a key)
  • It is equipped with status “sensors” that can be monitored remotely (via smartphone or console/ PC)
  • It can be installed on: doors, windows, access control openings, sliding doors, turnstiles, etc


It is a room, a secret place or a completely secured area where it is possible to seek refuge in case of intrusion from criminals. Thanks to solutions that provide for modular armored walls (CoMETA SpA is one of the most important manufacturers in Italy), it is possible to make non-invasive installations for houses, offices, companies and warehouses.

A “Panic Room” can be equipped with access systems with fingerprint reading and facial recognition (Face Detection), then it can integrate an internal control panel capable of monitoring and controlling both cameras and the opening/closure of every single lock. Finally, it is possible to install a "SOS launch" system with a pre-registered telephone call to the police, relatives or the emergency room for health emergencies (it is also possible to set up the sending of SMS, e-mails, etc.).

The “Panic Room” is, and must be, a completely safe place for the family and/or the employees. CoMETA SpA. has been building security solutions for over 30 years and is specialized in anti-burglary and anti-intrusion personalized solutions. It realizes and implements anti-robbery security booths, security doors and revolving doors, vault rooms, security drawers, anti-burglary shutters (in polycarbonate and glass), turnstiles, passages for access control, biometric data acquisition systems and much more. Among its references we find the most important Italian and European bank institutes.