Security Portals

Interlocking Portals, anti-robbery security cabins, revolving portals

portale sicurezza antieffrazione, security portals, revolving, sliding doors, interlocking doors portal

The protection of employees, clients, physical assets and data is becoming more important and necessary than ever before.

More and more companies, offices, shopping centers, airports, banks, datacenters, ministeries, warehouses, pubblic and private buildings decide to instal one or more Security Portals (Interlocking Doors Portals, Anti-robbery Booths, Revolving Doors or Portals, Sliding Doors systems, etc.). There are many kinds of security portals, the important is to get a system with: very high reliability, anti-burglary certified structure and bullet-proof glasses, ready integration with access control systems (RFid, keys, etc.) and biometric acquisition systems.

(Square base) Classic Interlocking Security Portals

(Round base) Interlocking Security Portals

(Ellipse base) Interlocking Security Portals

(Half moon base) Interlocking Security Portals

(Crystal body) Interlocking Security Portals

(Round base) Security Revolving Doors

Swinging-sliding Portal

It's important to identify the correct layout, right to get the highest security level for: the place, people, values, data, etc. That's why a security professionals' support is strategical, we can make a realistic project, a security plan following your specific needs, sensitive areas, customizations and security level you want to reach. The anti-burglary structure sometimes is not enough, clients need to instal professional systems for high security access control and a secure authentication of people in transit.