Emergency Call Systems

Life saver systems, faintness detection emergency system

CoMETA security solutions provide real-time monitoring and control systems for any installed device (Doors, Cabins, Shutters, Portals, etc.). For some types of solutions such as Safe Areas, Self-Banking Areas, Interlocking Doors Areas, and so on, Alarm systems are installed for people safety.

CoMeta implemented several types of Life saver systems or Faintness Detection Emergency System:

1) Faintness Alarm button, "help request"

Emergency help button (used in case of illness) is placed at a few tens of cm from the floor to allow the person to push it even if layed on the ground. The button is self-resetting, if pressed starts the alarm state which may be connected with: alarm signs, intercom, telephone call, email sending, sms sending, etc.

2) Stand-alone Faintness Emergency System (Central Unit + Devices)

Created as accident prevention solution, as a rescue-call tool. It is usually required by companies with very small offices (with only 1 employee) or with disabled employees, as a safety tool for their health.

The stand-alone Emergency-Call System consists of a central unit and "n" devices (smaller than a mobile phone) that can also be worn as a collar. It communicates the person's status in real time. The devices are equipped with buttons for several emergencies and an accelerometer that sends alarms and messages in case of "no movement" for more than "x" minutes.