Professional Products for security and safety. Anti-burglary, bullet-poof, access control.

Over the years CoMETA has designed, developed and perfected a wide range of products including: mechanical locks, electric locks, solenoid bolts and electromagnets, anti-robbery cabins for the security of the entrances to sensitive areas, electronic control units to manage local and remote accesses, anti-burglary doors for protected areas and for emergency exits, cash drawer units with time lock and time delay, ancillary technologies for transit screening: biometrics, anti masking recognition system, anti-skimming reader, metal detectors, etc., complementary accessories: management console, light panels, intercoms , etc.

Our products are characterized by efficiency, quality and reliability which make the difference in the offer to the customer, who is followed by a competent and flexible personnel in the search of the solution that best suits the specific needs.