Banking institutions

Bank security solutions

CoMETA always followed the evolution of this sector closely to offer customers the best solution to their needs. From the bank branches of the '80s to the '90s ones with self-banking services and safe areas, till today with innovative branches layouts that integrates security needs with aesthetic and the concept of "open to customer".

The wide product range enables CoMETA to offer customers multiple integrated security solutions, tailored to their needs. Tailored solutions, this is a CoMETA real distinguishing feature, always on respect of quality, reliability and mandatory norms.

Control of each entrance/gate, with self-managed system and real-time monitoring. Armored gates for value protection can be add, as well as the creation of Self-banking Areas, Safe Areas and implementation of Remote Assistance Systems. These functions concern, for example, the control of: Interlocking Security Portals, Armored doors, Emergency exits, Alarms, Fingerprint recognition and facial data systems, Intrusion detection System and CCTV, etc. All controlled through a Security-systems Supervision Unit.

Products and solutions for banking sector:

Security Portals with interlocking doors system

  • Classic Interlocking Security Portals, square base (dettagli >)
  • Cylinder Interlocking Security Portals, round base (dettagli >)
  • Panorama Interlocking Security Portals, ellipse base (dettagli >)
  • Hal Moon Interlocking Security Portals, semi-circular base (dettagli >)
  • Crystal Interlocking Security Portals, armored glass body (dettagli >)
  • Biometric Filter, armored portal (details)
  • Swinging-sliding Portals (details >)
  • Sliding doors Portals

Public Area for operations with ATM

Internal Protected Area

Armored Doors

Turnstiles & Gates

  • Half-height Tripod Turnstiles
  • Half-height Flag Turnstiles
  • Full-height Turnstiles
  • High Flow Speed Gates