Green energy

Photovoltaic energy for environment respect

We hear a lot talking about concepts like "green" and "energy saving". They are becoming as distinctive as well as ethical elements, responsable practices for all those who love and want to protect the environment. CoMETA has been chosing to become "100% green" for many years now, implementing photovoltaic panels on its production building's roof.

100% Photovoltaic Power

CoMETA uses sun green energy for four important energetic areas: central heating, air conditioning, hot water, electricity. Thanks to the photovoltaic panels intallation throughout the Headquarters roof, CoMETA gets a Green Energy production that does not only meet CoMETA requirements but produces an annual surplus of 17%.

Data in the table below show the yearly energy production with indication of Oil savings without releasing of CO2 into the environment.

Total Energy produced in 7 years and 8 months

Thanks to the Photovoltaic, CoMETA succeeded in creating 833 MWh of energy in 7 years, saving 156 Tons of Oil and 367 Tons of Co2 were not released into the environment. CoMETA has obtained an average annual green energy production of 109 MWh and 9 MWh monthly (higher in the summer months).

In 7 years, thanks to the Photovoltaic: 156 Tons of Oil saved and 367 Tons of Co2 not released into the environment

Real-time recorded data

Here below, real time data recorded by the photovoltaic system installed on the CoMETA SpA headquarters roof.