Green energy

Photovoltaic energy for environment respect

We often hear talking about "green" and "energy saving" concepts. They are becoming a company's distinctive element, measuring its own ethical level. A style of life, responsible practices for all those who love and want to protect the environment. CoMETA has chosen to have a "100% green heart" since 2013, implementing photovoltaic panels on its building roof.

100% Photovoltaic Power

CoMETA uses sun green energy for four important energetic areas: central heating, air conditioning, hot water, electricity. Thanks to the photovoltaic panels installation throughout the Headquarters roof, CoMETA gets a Green Energy production that does not only meet CoMETA requirements but produces an annual surplus of 17%.

Data in the table below show the yearly energy production with indication of Oil savings without releasing of CO2 into the environment.

Total Energy produced in 7 years and 8 months

Thanks to the Photovoltaic, CoMETA succeeded in creating 833 MWh of energy in 7 years, saving 156 Tons of Oil and 367 Tons of Co2 were not released into the environment. CoMETA has obtained an average annual green energy production of 109 MWh and 9 MWh monthly (higher in the summer months).

In 7 years, thanks to the Photovoltaic: 156 Tons of Oil saved and 367 Tons of Co2 not released into the environment

Real-time recorded data

Here below, real time data recorded by the photovoltaic system installed on the CoMETA SpA headquarters roof.